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Medal Rolls

We have had on our website for some years a medal roll of the bronze Medals of the Royal Humane Society, and it is our intention to add further medals rolls as they become available.

These will be transcribed from published or archive sources and are reproduced here with the approval of the original owners of the data. In some cases we have been able to add additional data where this will be advantageous to the researcher. Note: where page numbers are quoted in the various rolls – these refer to the pages numbers in the original book.

The following are the medal rolls entered on the site to date.

Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal

These were originally transcribed by Bill Fevyer and then Peter Helmore with the permission of the Royal Humane Society.

Note: The RHS archive is now in the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). For the period 1890 to 1917 additional details of the rescues have been included.

Police Gallantry Medals

Thanks to Peter Farmer for permission use the index from his book Police Gallantry - The King's Police Medal, The King's Police and Fire Service Medal and the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry 1909 - 1978, to which additional details have been added.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Thanks to the RNLI for permission to use the index from Lifeboat Gallantry, by Barry Cox. Again we have added additional information to enhance the research potential.

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