Searching the LSARS Database

Medal Type

Select the type of medal you wish to search for from:

In addition to the medal type you will need to enter the surname of the person or the date of their award or the location of the incident - or any combination of these


Enter the surname of the person you are looking for.

Names which are similar to the name you enter will also be listed - for example entering 'Smith' will also list any entries for 'Smyth'.

If you leave the surname blank then all names for the selected year will be shown


Select the year for which you want to retrieve information. Any award for an incident in that year will be shown.

In the case of The Royal Humane Society awards, any award listed in the annual report for that year will also be shown, even if the incident itself occurred in adifferent year.

Show date range

Selecting this box will display and incident in the year you have selected or in any year up to 5 years before and after tate date.


Enter the location of the incident you are looking for.

All of the words you enter must be in the name of the location in the database - for example entering "River Thames" will only return entries with both of these words present and not if the entry was for "The Thames".

Read More

When your search results are displayed, clicking on 'Read More' will show full details of the entry.

In the case of The Royal Humane Society award, other entries with the same case number will also be noted.

The Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal rolls and citations are the responsibility of the Life Saving Awards Research Society (LSARS) with grateful acknowledgement to the Royal Humane Society. Note: The RHS archive is now in the London Metropolitan Archives. For information and research enquiries see: